It’s a little known fact, that 88 years ago, in 1921 the big brother of the iconic New Zealand brand, Norsewear was born. Kiwi Stockman, much like its younger brother, had that tough, uncompromising, kiwi blood, coursing through its veins.
However, even though the breeding was the same, and because of their rugged good looks, people had trouble telling them apart, they were destined to take completely different paths in life.
Whereas Norsewear grabbed the attention of the New Zealand public from an early age and ultimately became a globally recognized name, Kiwi Stockman decided to avoid the public lifestyle.
He subsequently spent the following years experiencing the country of his birth, New Zealand.
From North to South, East to West and everywhere in between, he saw and experienced it. He fished the mighty Mohaka, hunted the rugged Ruahine, tramped the mesmerising Milford and worked as a stockman in Sherwood.

Kiwi Stockman is the ideal choice whether you are battling the elements in the great outdoors, working hard on the job or just kicking back after work.
Kiwi Stockman have also introduced a range of camoflauge clothing suitable for the hunting and gathering man.
The camoflauge pattern is specially designed and is inspired by the diversity of the forest and rural surroundings of New Zealand and is the ideal choice for wearing in the great outdoors when hunting or fishing.
Like every Kiwi bloke, the clothing is good value and good looking. Available exclusively at Postie + stores.

The Kiwi Stockman story continues………………………..